Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Make or break game for Terps' season?

Normally I would jump at any sports pundit for overstating the importance of a game. And saying tonight's MD game will spell the rest of the season is really putting yourself out there. So why say it?

1) MD has been riding a pretty strong streak recently
2) They are getting TONS of press for their recent play
3) The storyline of them as a phoenix rising from the ashes of the American and Ohio (who is very good) loses grows and grows

4) They are getting too much credit for almost winning a game (albeit the now #2 team in the country)
5) If they are going to start believing the hype and lose focus, it would happen tonight
6) If they lose, where does the storyline go?

As to #6, we shall have to wait and see. MD has to show tonight that they can retain their focus, that the press they are receiving won't make them flinch.

Gary loves to play the underdog, but they are getting a lot of attaboys. They have the chance to redeem and early season lose to BC, splitting the match up (and increasing their ACC win totals).

Expect BC to be very tough down low, and MD's 3-point shooting to be the ultimate difference (unless they mess the bed, turn it over all the time, and make lots of dumb mistakes and give up).


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