Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fitness tip: Hide your snacks at home

Why do we insist on putting our least healthy foods in the most reachable and visible spots?

Lifehacker (or was it Lifehack?) had a great tip about a month ago, questioning why people stick their fruits and veggies in the storage bins in the fridge, hidden from plain sight. Yet we put our processed and packaged foods out in the open, most readily to be grabbed and consumed.

Same goes for snacks and munchies. Why put them in valuable kitchen storage space, when you could put them in the basement? This way you have to be more conscious in your desire to munch and snack.

And if you are going to munch, always plan out your portion control. Don't plop down on the sofa with an entire bag of chips (they are at least baked and not fried, right?). Instead, get out a bowl and put a sensible portion out for yourself, making sure to examine the back of the bag for the calories per serving (and then do the mental gymanstics to realize your concept of "portion" is triple theirs).

If you don't have enough resolve to put your snacks in a fitness friendly location, or to at least dole out the snackies reasonably, then you aren't ready to manage your weight properly.


The Nationals Enquirer said...

Here's an even better idea: bury your snacks in the back yard. That way, if you really want to snack, you'll have to go dig them up, and it's just easier to grab an apple or something from that place where the Doritos bag used to live.

ckstevenson said...

I wrote this with Dmitri, Ray King and Nick Johnson in mind.


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