Monday, June 29, 2009

Developing effective marketing material for future customers

2515958569_dd61560789_m.jpg Image by Seattle Municipal Archives

My company is in the final days of finding out if we've won* a new contract with a government organization. If we have won, then we'll need to develop marketing material to promote our availability and services.

Instead of creating your standard company boilerplate information, I'm trying to create this from the potential customers viewpoint:
  • What will they want to know about us and our services?
  • What point of contact information do we provide? More than one to make us appear bigger, just one so there is a dedicated POC?
  • Website link of course, but to which page? Maybe our LinkedIn page too so we appear hip?
  • What type of description of our past work will speak to them? How can we cover a wide array of work in a limited amount of space (and attention span?)
  • Who are we actually targeting?
Our challenge once we get in the door (assuming we win) is that not a lot of people will know us.

* This is a specific contract type such that there is more sales work to be done before we can start delivering results.

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