Friday, May 8, 2009

Why aren't there reusable assets for LEED?

As I've delved deeper into LEED, I've thrice now had this question.

When a company is doing its own internal feasibility assessment for any of the LEED certification paths (mine being Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance [EBOM]), you will inevitably produce a long list of practices you don't have in place, policies that are missing, and data that will need to be derived.

For the programs and policies, you should be able to go to, go to a virtual library, and find workable templates that any organization could readily adopt.

My favorite example when explaining LEED-EBOM and how policies are a heavy component is "integrated pest control". It's a very commonsense thing to have in place, is a cost effective way to reduce pests, and is inherently safer to occupants than toxic chemically based pest control measures. Shouldn't you be able to find 2-4 templates for an integrated pest control program, as well as 3-8 examples that the USGBC found to be exemplary when reviewing all the submissions?

This seems like no-brainer to me.

Or, as a business opportunity, some smart consulting company out there should start a "plug and play" LEED services program. In the facilities world, this is more often described as a "turnkey solution".

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