Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why don't restaurants have blogs?

  • Menu feature of the day.
  • Newest dish you are working on.
  • A recent party or event hosted at your place.

All those and more seem like great topics for a daily and vibrant blog for a restaurant.

So why not?

The foodie blog world is quite possibly over stimulated with visually appealing pictures of the last "you can do it too in just 15 easy steps", tips on frugal shopping to keep the family fed, and posts with pictures that whet your appetite drooling over the newest culinary treat.

So why wouldn't a restaurant won't to dive in chef's hat first into that world? Having a stimulating blog about your restaurant, and especially its dishes, can help drive customers to the table.

If you are upscale you can teach people how to pair wines with dishes, using your special of the night (or week). Or maybe highlight a new bottle and then list options of what is on the menu that it would pair well with.

Or how about some plain old fashion food p0rn and regale the readers and patrons with glossy pictures of what was served the night before? Dishes are already being "plated" to look best, so why not snap a picture or two?

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