Friday, March 6, 2009

Why do office spaces of the future always fail?

Maybe it's just great marketing fluff, but there are an unending number of articles and guides on creating the office space of the future, complete with multi-thousand dollar desks and chair.

A recent post on Lifehacker showed a marketing agencies workspace, which was as spectacular as you'd expect for a company full of creatives. Vibrant colors, unique uses of space (complete with curtains once or twice), one even had a couch.

Why not?

The reality for the rest of the working world is we have no control over our space, and even if we did there is no budget to make our dreams come true.

Further, most corporate environments would frown upon really having at it and putting in vibrant colors via wrapping paper or other means.

Most corporate environments are comprised of people who think "I really wish I could change my cube" but will publicly state "So and so is a bit off don't you think? Look at their cube, they are so abnormal for having all those wild colors and that physio ball chair is so weird."

We're not heading towards a super futuristic office space like some office furniture producers claim. Take a look at this Steelcase 2006 "State of the Cubicle" report as evidence. Most of us aren't heading for a Jetson's like future. Just something slightly the same in 8 years time.

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