Friday, January 30, 2009


Three powerful images, that make clear the sacrifice that brave men and women have made for America. Your freedom, my life, our America.

To make it clear: Not only are the sacrifices made on the battlefront. But back home by the men and women, the families and friends, who enable the American military on a daily basis.

My wife's Grandmother passed away recently. Her husband passed away many years ago, following his honorable service to this great country during WWII.

My mother's father served during WWII in the Pacific front. He later served as a civilian in the Pentagon. With the morally challenging duty of "manpower assessment". This was literally planning what troops would go where, to serve and die to defend the country.

My wife's Grandfather served after forward deployed military duty with honor and distinction in the military. His wife gave her time and energy as well.

We miss you "Papa Joe". I never knew you, but love hearing stories about you. Especially when your ever loving wife would tell us of "the money man" in her adorable accent. She was always proud of you.

I miss you "Granny". You were always warm and welcoming to me. I hope you respected me more because I was finally able to best you in a game of cards (just the one time though!).

I miss you Grandfather Harold. You served your country with honor and distinction. A hallmark of service that the entire family seeks to honor.
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