Friday, January 9, 2009

How should I store data about my house?

I've been using Gmail to store and find information on my house.
When I get the new yearly homeowner's insurance info I email it to myself and can search for it if I'm trying to find it. I also use a label in Gmail, "house", to identify that information. And I CC my wife on the emails so she has the information too.

But I had another idea recently, one that I thought I could maybe even use as a selling point to any future buyers:

A wiki.

We use a wiki in my job for a lot of corporate information. I of course use wikipedia, it's almost always the first thing I check for any info.

But why not a wiki for the house? I could use pbwiki.

The concept is that I could create a page for each room of the house, describing its layout, paint colors (including where I got them, cost, and the color mix numbers), what is in there (like an inventory) etc. I can do a page for all our utilities and bills. A page for insurance and other items of that nature.

I could do a page for our yard, describing what flowers and plants are where, the history of major yard maintenance activities (fertilizing, lime since we have a two pine trees with needles that annoy me, etc).

My wife would be able to access it. If we ever had kids they could access it.

Thoughts? Dumb idea? BRILLIANT? Overkill given my current Gmail solution? Some other service or solution that is better?
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