Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to piss off all your clients if you are in the finance related world

Push me, egg me on, call and email me constantly because YOU are focused on making YOUR numbers. So just keep doing it, keep making MY future, MY money about YOU.

The financial services people who remain calm, continue to provide a valued service, who don't push their clients, but instead wisely counsel them, they will find their customers to be more loyal and will recommend them to others.

The analogy is clear to being an employer: times are tough, so employers start treating their employees like crap. Cut all the perks programs, we have to save save save. Fire people, cut the bottom line as much as possible! After all, there is a short-term over supply of labor, you can afford to treat people poorly.

But what will your A+ performers do once the market adjusts? They'll leave you, because they already know you don't care about them.

But if you wisely counsel your employees on the market, in an open and honest way; if you help them to find jobs if you have to lay them off, but only after having helped try to transfer them to other offices that need staff, then they will remember you fondly (and maybe use your services at the new employer).

If you're providing a service, remember, it's never about YOU, it's about the CUSTOMER. You'll make your numbers when you treat me well.

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