Thursday, June 24, 2010

Front-loading a proposal - a key to success

Tasks to do, and/or documents that can be created, at the outset of the proposal. These are items that will end up saving you come proposal crunch time by either having them checked off, preventing you from making a mistake, or just doing better/proper planning -
  • Review prior Proposal lessons learned 
    • My employer has a few options for this internally, we can use a message board, write blog-like posts, and have explored a "database" lessons/tips
  • Develop "win themes" that are tied to customer needs
    • And your company's capabilities. This should be obvious, but a lot of people mess this up
  • Create a compliance checklist based off of Sections L and M of the proposal,
  • Review the expressed (and unexpressed) needs, 
  • Develop a proposal schedule
    • Distribute it to your team
    • Manage and execute the proposal to the schedule
  • Review company Past Performances for applicability, 
  • Obtain or develop the Past Performance questionnaire for GPOCs to fill out
    • You'll want to give your POCs as much time as possible to respond, as this always ends up being last on their priorities list.
  • Create proposal template
  • Create or obtain team logos
  • Contact RFP POCs to discuss timelines, ask questions, etc


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