Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How do I get Google sports calendar to sync with my Blackberry?


I love Google Calendar, it helps me keep my life organized. At times I have had multiple calendars:
  • my personal calendar for appointments and reminders, I share this with my wife
  • my work calendar for appointments and due dates of deliverables, I share this with my co-workers
  • a calendar for family and friends' birthdays
  • a list of household chores and when to do them
  • all my MBA deadlines and classes
Quizzically, Google removed the shared calendar feature a while back that let people put up sports and group calendars. I was able to have schedules in my calendar for my favorite sports teams (I still have two legacy one's that are maintained).

But Google has partially fixed this problem, adding in Sports calendars back to the mix! These are seemingly Google maintained, and I think the removal of the prior shared schedules


I was actually impressed with the wide range of sports and teams. They have the might Bucknell Bison under both football and basketball, I find that to be impressive.

I also use Google Sync to keep my Blackberry up to date with my online schedule and my contacts.


But Google Sync won't gobble up the sports schedules and add them in to my calendar on my Blackberry. There is a Help item listed for this (the one I found, there may be more), but it doesn't actually address the Sync issue.

Anyone know how to make this happen? Should I just resort to copying the entries to my own calendar, or calendar I can hide online but that will show up in Blackberry via Sync?

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