Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obese high school football player loses 100lbs and is on his way to a scholarship

It was this bad:

As a junior last season, Calvin McDowney seemingly was a member of the DeMatha football team in name only. He rarely played, he weighed nearly 400 pounds late in the summer, and a school trainer ordered him to see a cardiologist before he even took the practice field. Walking the two flights of stairs in DeMatha's main school building caused him to pant. He would break a sweat walking to the team's training room.

What amazes me in the story are the basic life skills that the school personnel had to teach him (and that there is no mention of a parent or guardian in the article). 

Norris also took McDowney grocery shopping, walking together through the Shopper's Food Warehouse in College Park and showing McDowney how to read labels and buy items that were lower in carbohydrates and fat content. She taught McDowney to buy a head of lettuce and use it for multiple salads. She also instructed McDowney to use smaller plates and drink more water to fill his stomach.

The rest of the story here, I hope MD considers recruiting him, we can use the help.
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