Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Google Reader Mobile, can we please help make you better?

My wife can attest that I spend a little too much time on Google Reader Mobile from time to time. If I have time to kill, and nothing to say to anyone around me, I'm checking that puppy out. And since I read Robert Scoble and Lifehack, I get a LOT of items everyday (though for good or bad, Robert's mostly over on FriendFeed these days. I miss his "shared with note" items in Google Reader. I liked getting what he was reading, but I liked his 12 second thoughts on items even more.").
What are my major gripes with Google Reader Mobile?
1) I can't sort the feed items. It's newest first, and that's it. Heaven forbid I wish to read the oldest item without clicking through pages of undread items. Not like loading multiple pages on a phone is slow...
2) No ability to email the articles. If I'm using my Blackberry (because remember, the iPhone is popular to talk about, but NOT the most used wireless device) clicking on "email the item" should readily allow me to email the item.
3) No "share with note", how hard could this be? Make it happen.
4) No search. Ugh, Google, that's what you do. Let me search! If we're going to use horrible busines jargon, search is your "core competency". Right?
5) Can't look at my "Starred" items. If I know the URL of my shared items feed, I can look at that (assuming I share interesting things). But what about all the gems I have starred and not shared? Can't get to them.

There are 5 concrete ways to make Google Reader Mobile better. Do it. Do it..... Do it!

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